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My best friend asked me to do a #Whole30 with her this month, and I said yes. Once upon a time something like this would have been a way for me to hide disordered eating behind a veil of #wellness, but I’m at a point today at which I can do it in a healthy way. One way I know that to be true? I’m not doing it in secret. People in my real life know I’m doing it. Secrecy is such a big part of eating issues. As a bulimic, I built my life around it; as a #bulimiafighter, I have had to work hard to push it out of my life. And I like the Whole 30 because it’s not really about what you *can’t* eat; it’s about eating mindfully and enjoying the healthy abundance of food you make yourself. I also like that the “rules” specifically forbid looking at the scale during your 30 days. The scale doesn’t rule my life now like it used to, but when I’m doing something as food-focused as a Whole 30, it’s good — important, even — for me to put away the scale and focus on how I feel.

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