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I am fighting the urge to weigh myself tonight. ⛔️ It’s one of the #whole30rules I like most: No weighing yourself during the challenge. ⛔️ These days, getting on the scale generally isn’t a trigger as long as I do it at the right time, when I’m in a safe and stable frame of mind. ⛔️ Getting on the scale right now would be a mistake, because even though my body is well nourished, my mind is cognizant of deprivation. ⛔️ No wine? No ice cream? No bite of a grilled cheese sandwich lovingly offered by my toddler? If I stepped on the scale right now, one of two things would happen. ⛔️ 1. I would see a lower number than I did two weeks ago. You’d think this would make me happy, but it would also send my deprived-feeling mind a message: Deprivation works! And as all my #edrecovery friends know, that’s a dangerous mindset. ⛔️ 2. I would see a number that’s the same as or higher than it was two weeks ago. In which case my mind is going to ask “WTF is the point anyway?” and I’ll find myself in an emotional spiral even if I don’t rush downstairs and bust into the leftover Christmas candy. ⛔️ Weighing myself, on a good day, can be a tool for gauging what’s going on with my body. ⛔️ Weighing myself today would take the focus off the healthy behaviors I’m trying to foster and put it back on my old enemy, the number on the scale. ⛔️ The scale is calling my name, but tonight I’m resisting that temptation.

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