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I’ve had a lot of #foodfrenemies over the years: Calories. Fat. Net carbs. Sugar. Bread. 🍗 Tonight I made chicken thighs. Skin on. With olives. Tomatoes. Kale cooked in the pan afterward. 🍗 I didn’t feel sick or guilty afterward. I didn’t eat it until I had to throw up and then eat a pint of ice cream and a bag of cookies. 🍗 I just ate dinner. For people who don’t know what it means to be an #edsurvivor, that probably doesn’t seem like a big deal. For me, it’s the biggest deal. 🍗 I still struggle. Every great once in a while, I have a momentary relapse. But they’re always just moments. 🍗 I still have weight to lose and muscle to build, and I still have a long way to go in my relationship with food. But tonight, I ate dinner. #bulimiarecovery #bulimiafighter

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