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Here’s a challenge I know lies in wait when I finish this #Whole30 at the end of this month: sugar. 🍭 I have a mega #sugarmonster, and it’s a trigger for me. My emotional eating and binges have always been largely comprised of sweets (baked goods, ice cream… an entire box of chocolates is a go-to). But I’m also not willing to go entirely sugar-free. Especially since deprivation is also a trigger for me. 🍭 Right now, it’s no problem. I haven’t been craving sugar much, fortunately. (I’d still really like a glass of wine.) But when I’m no longer honor-bound to eschew sweets, I’ll need to face my demons and figure out how to coexist with sugar. 🍭 Right now I’m thinking it might need to involve some planning ahead. If I pre-select certain treats that I get to have each week or month, will that help me manage my #sugarcravings? I tend to do well with delayed gratification, so maybe knowing I get a waffle on Sunday will keep me from sneaking my kids’ fruit snacks on Wednesday. 🍭 As in all things at the intersection of #edrecovery and #healthyweightloss, the trick will be managing and planning without micromanaging, overanalyzing, and obsessing.

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