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My #JanuaryWhole30 ends soon, and I’m feeling a little nervous about being done with it. 🍪 (Can we talk about how there’s no muffin emoji? Such an oversight.) 🍪 I realize there’s nothing stopping me from continuing with the Whole 30 diet after the end of the month, and I see some appeal in that, but at the end of the day it’s just too restrictive for me to stick with all the time. Too many rules are not healthy for this #bulimic for too long. 🍪 More importantly, it’s time for me to learn some moderation. The Whole 30 provides a comfortable little out: “Oh, I can’t have that; my friend talked me into doing this Whole 30 with her.” It’s much easier for me to say a hard no than to try to work with a healthy amount of yes. 🍪 One thing I am leaning toward leaving out of my diet is grain, though. At least for a bit. I’m not missing it as much as I thought I would, and I know limiting starches will help me forge an easier path to a healthy weight. 🍪 It’s not a permanent solution, however. Carbs aren’t something I’m willing to go without completely. And that’s where my nerves kick in. 🍪 My big challenge, post-Whole 30, is to learn how to coexist with starches in a healthy way. I need to learn to have and savor the occasional cookie, croissant, slice of cake, muffin — without overeating, without considering one bite a lost cause and surrendering to mindless consumption of more than I want or need. 🍪 I’ve been feeling like the Whole 30 is hard. But now that I’m looking at the end of it, it feels like completing the Whole 30 and trying to find a healthy medium is the far greater challenge. 🍪 After January, I’ll be back in a world where there are no “good” or “bad” foods. There won’t be a hard and fast list of prohibited things. I’ll have to make those calls myself, listen to my body, and begin to make peace with an occasional relationship with the foods I both love and fear. 🍪 #healthyweightloss #eatingdisorderrecovery #carbsarenottheenemy

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