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Like many who experience eating disorders, much of my problem comes down to a disconnect between my head and my body. 🚺 Body is full, head wants ice cream. Body feels nourished, head feels guilty. Body craves water, head seeks out sugar. My #bulimia lives at the point of this conflict. 🚺 I’m tiptoeing into #intuitiveeating, and the challenge for me, as always, is to get my head and body working together. Right now I’m really focused on listening to and honoring my body. 🚺 At the moment, that means eating a largely #plantbaseddiet. I was a strict vegetarian for many years, including my peak years of disordered eating. These days I love a ribeye as much as the next girl, and I would literally eat my own arm if it were dipped in nacho cheese sauce. But I’m working to respect my body’s wishes. 🚺 I’ve also given up coffee. Not in any hard-and-fast, “I don’t drink coffee anymore” kind of way, but simply not pouring it even when it’s readily available. My head wants the ritual, the taste and the caffeine, but it’s hard on my stomach and it messes with my appetite — so I’m respecting my body’s clear signals that it isn’t feeling coffee as a daily habit. 🚺 How does all this feel? Well, it varies from hour to hour. At the moment… content. The challenge is making it through the moments when my head starts to upset the balance. 🚺 #bulimiarecovery #fatbulimic

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